Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tips and Tidbits

       In the beginning of this blog I set out to share my successes along with my failures. I completely forgot about all the stuff in between.  Although I still consider myself a novice quilter, I have learned some things to be passed on to others beginning in this wonderfully addicting world of fabrics and patterns.
      When I started looking online at quilting video's for beginners the excitement lunged me into fabric and quilting frenzy.  All the fabrics, colors, patterns, and possibilities can be exciting and yet overwhelming all at the same time.  There were all these things that I thought that I must have to do it right which was not true. Then with me being the rule breaker that I am, there were things that were assumed to be okay to go around that wasn't okay.  So today I would like to share some of those tips and tidbits.

     NOTE: My camera is out for the count so that is why I have no actual pictures to go with some of these tips and tidbits. The plan is to add a Tips and Tidbit page and their will be pictures added to show with each as needed. Until then, google will be my source for example pictures. Please know that in no way do I think that I have invented something new. I'm well aware that tons of veteran quilters know these things. However, maybe by me putting it out front it will be a comfort for some beginners. So here we go:

Tip & Tidbit
1) Cheap thread should be avoided at all cost. When you are almost done with a project and don't want to wait to order the good stuff online or at your go to sewing/quilting shop, NO CHEAP THREAD.  It clogs your machine with fuse balls. Also the thread begins to thin out from the friction. Hold out for the 40w to 50w thread spolls.

2) "Quilting gloves" are not a necessity. However, some type of glove that helps you keep control of the quilt as you maneuver it through the machine is necessary. I didn't have money to order any "quilting gloves". Nor did my local quilt shop carry them. So I took a pair of gardening gloves that I used once and they worked perfectly. I still use them today.

3) Quilting clips are also something else that I was creative with. Again no budget or cash for binding clips.

I use hair clips and paper clips. This is what was already on hand and they both work just great.

These three are all I have time to share tonight.  Be sure that there are still tons of tricks of the trade for me to learn and share. These were a few that popped to mind today.

If there are any of you who would like to share some other Tips and Tidbits please feel free.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Back At It......

Back to caring for a new baby(5months), back to sewing and quilting, and back to life as normal.  Our Honey Bun arrived in mid October and we can't get enough of her. The boys are obsessed with her. However, she seem to be amazed and not so amazed at their endless tricks to entertain her.

I thought my machine was down but  
all it needed was a good cleaning. It has been a long time since any sewing happened around these parts. Now I'm up til all hours of the night.

These are some blocks for a quilt for my sister.

Along with two fresh baby quilt top.

Stay Tuned!!!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Out of sight, Not out of mind!!

It has been way to long and OH how I have missed you blogs of joy and inspiration. So to update you all on whats been happening with me. 

  We are pregnant with little Cecilia Renae. Although we have been very grateful for her incubation, it has been a very rough and tough journey that still has some weeks to go.  Just to give a little insight into how its been, I've lost 30lbs and because of another issue will it was suggested that we deliver at 37wks.
I am striving for a VBAC after 2ceserean sections and an induction would greatly increase my chances of another C-section that I do not want. So we have decided to wait it out until at least 39weeks and today marks 36wks 5days.

Also, the decision was made that if we were to have a girl, I would either get locks or cut off my hair.  Doing hair is not something I desire to spend my time doing. Let me tell you, my hair is very thick and course. To add another little girl that may have the same textured hair meant that one of us, if not both would look an awful hot mess most days.  So off with the hair we went. Don't have a full head shot of the new do but both sides and the back are gone.
Now to quilting.  I have not sewn in a very long time.  However, something must be made for Cecilia's arrival. A quick patchwork quilt and a scrappy granny square quilt is what I have in mind.  
Stay Tuned!!!:)

Oh! We are also looking to buy a house because we are completely out of space.