Saturday, December 3, 2011


Yesterday I made mention of a quilter that I discovered and how I loved her creations.  The pictures that I posted were of the lady of Crazy Old Ladies blog, not French Knots.  However, Pamela from French Knots makes beautiful Quilts also. French knots shared photos from a quliting retreat of which Crazy Old Ladies had a showing of some of her work.  Here is my favorite from her quilts.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Ideas, Ideas, and More Ideas

Today I'm quarantined in my sewing room with no material for sewing.  I do have some scraps I can do something with.  However, the ideas in my head do not include scraps. here is a list of the ideas racing through my head.

1. homemade christmas stocking
2. quilted hand mittens 
3. a spiderman quilt for Israel
4. opening a store ("Always Handmade")
5. starting a non-profit making quilts for a cause
6. opening an Etsy store
7. making my sewing room more functional and inspiring.
8. a litte girls clothing line

Some I can get started on very soon.

Tomorrow I hope to be feeling better because their is shopping to be done. We need food and a few more things to get started on the Jesse Tree and Advent Wreath.

Here are just are few pics of the work of a quilter I just discovered. She makes really nice quilts that just screams at me. You can check her out at French Knots.