Wednesday, January 30, 2013


My morning started with  prayer at 6:00 am with the prayer and hopes of a graceful productive day today.  Well......,car troubles put hubby on Marta this morning and will send me in pursuit of a new battery (praying that's all it is). As I try and type this post my screen keeps jumping all over the place, but I will press onward.

So after pinning the quilt I figured I would make sure that I had plenty of bobbins filled ready to replace when needed. The thread began to wind around the bottom of the bobbin on the machine. This happens to me quite often. The first thing that I noticed that may cause this problem is that at the start of winding, it does not evenly wind from top to bottom. The bottom is almost always fuller on the bottom instead of evenly distributed. Any tips on how to remedy this problem would be great.

 (I know this picture is awful:( 


Onward, I pressed and yet another issue arises. My plan for quilting was straight lines on the outside of each seam. I did a practice run to check my tension on both sides and everything was fine, so I thought.

Once I started my first line, I notice my stitches were way to tight. At this point I think I will do away with the  
straight lines. Oddly, I am much more comfortable with free motion.  Cathedral ceiling was something I was strongly considering any whoot so I gonna JUST DO IT.  

In spite of all of this, prayer still prevailed because, I have not become frustrated, inpatient, or upset.:)
Have a great Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Feburary To Do's

1. Backing and basting of the Vintage Patchwork quilt a friend
2. Backing and basting done for friends Florida Gators quilt

February To Do's
1. Quilt, bind, and deliver Florida Gators quilt
2. Quilt, bind, and deliver Vintage Patchwork 
3. Make two baby quilts
4. Use hexies to make a GA wall hanging

Monday, January 28, 2013

Just Do It

Last year I wanted very badly to try my hand at paper piecing. The hexagon cut outs were purchased, but there was always an excuse in my head of why I could not get started.  For some reason I was really intimidated with the process and thought that it would be very time consuming. HA, as if cutting, machine piecing, basting, and quilting isn't time consuming. So while listening to one of the boys read and write sentence, I decided to JUST DO IT.
There was nothing to be intimidated about. It was actually calming and relaxing. 
(Huh, who would have thunk  it.)
Not sure what I am going to do with them yet. I was thinking 
of a heart shape for a pillow or for the wall. It has been decided that
this will become a regular task. It will be a good idea to always have some on hand and ready for a small or even larger project.

If there is something that you have wanted to do but have not started for whatever reason, 
Leave a line with that thing that you have yet to start on.

Friday, January 25, 2013

So On & So On

I have been meaning to post since Monday and now its Friday. First I wanted to talk about my goals for the year which started out like this: 

January is in full swing and will be soon approaching it's end(much sooner now), and I have yet to set goals. As I read through blogs, it seems that everyone has set their goals. There are always tons of things that I aspire to accomplish that inevitably sometimes prove overly ambitious.  Vision casting is a strength of mine, where as accurately strategizing the steps to get there is my weakness.  So as an attempt to improve in this area, this year will be full of short term goals. As it relates to my quilting projects, education, spiritual, parenting, etc. one month at a time is my motto.  So my only goal at this point for January is to finish the top, back, and sandwich for the Florida quilt and to get the backing and basting done for my friends vintage patch work

 Last Friday I called Fat Quaker Shop back and they had more of the fabric I needed in stock. So this weekend gonna getter done (get the top and backing finished that is).

The vintage patch work quilt is basted, pinned, and ready to quilt.

Unfortunately, my patch work cross is a disappearing cross because of trying to piece 
while finishing school and a headache.

Well this post is done, now back to schooling the boys

Thursday, January 10, 2013


I am horrible about keeping a surprise a surprise, so here goes. The project that I am working on that I have not showed, is a gift for a friend. She is a huge Florida Gators fan so I'm making her a Gators quilt.
 Here are most of the prints and the block design.

  My problem is that, I am out of the grey denim fabric and everywhere I checked is out. It is needed for the backing. 
The plan was to make one big block of the designs on the top with the same background. This completely puts a hold on my plan to have the top, backing, and sandwiched done by this weekend.
Any advice would be appreciated, OR....... if anyone has some black denim type fabric that they would like to bless me with would be awesome as well.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Wah Lah!!!!

I busted out two new scrappy patchy quilt tops over the weekend.  Aren't they gorgeous.

Oh how I wish this were true and that I could take the credit for these beauties but I can not.  A friend of mine brought them to church and is trusting me to finish them for her. I was very honored that she asked me. 

The one stretched out on the floor is a twin sized

I think that this one below will finish at a full sized with maybe 2 more columns. This one needs a little fixing as you can see, but very simple. Not sure yet if I will have to take that whole row off to fix it.

I just had to point out the fact that she hand pieced both of these tops. Sorry about the quality of that picture.
(A new camera should be arriving in a few)

Not sure at all what type of quilting will be done on these.  However, with the project that I am currently working on and these 2 tops, along with the plus quilt top, there should be a lot to show you.

Oh! school has resumed, so we will see how much I get done each week.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mini Mi

Happy New Year 
to every one.

  There hasn't been a post in a few weeks but rest assured that I've been sewing. I decided to start making some mini quilts as samples of my work and quilted wall art. Also, there is something bigger in the making. However, no viewing of that yet. is a look at one of the projects that I just finished.

This first block was my first of the 1st mini quilts

Block's #1 & #2

All 6 blocks and the top is sandwiched.

Lastly, is the backing.  I haven't decided on the binding fabric yet.

Stay tuned for the finished work. There is also a tutorial of a twin sized version of this pattern in the works.  

Thanks for stopping buy:).