Wednesday, January 30, 2013


My morning started with  prayer at 6:00 am with the prayer and hopes of a graceful productive day today.  Well......,car troubles put hubby on Marta this morning and will send me in pursuit of a new battery (praying that's all it is). As I try and type this post my screen keeps jumping all over the place, but I will press onward.

So after pinning the quilt I figured I would make sure that I had plenty of bobbins filled ready to replace when needed. The thread began to wind around the bottom of the bobbin on the machine. This happens to me quite often. The first thing that I noticed that may cause this problem is that at the start of winding, it does not evenly wind from top to bottom. The bottom is almost always fuller on the bottom instead of evenly distributed. Any tips on how to remedy this problem would be great.

 (I know this picture is awful:( 


Onward, I pressed and yet another issue arises. My plan for quilting was straight lines on the outside of each seam. I did a practice run to check my tension on both sides and everything was fine, so I thought.

Once I started my first line, I notice my stitches were way to tight. At this point I think I will do away with the  
straight lines. Oddly, I am much more comfortable with free motion.  Cathedral ceiling was something I was strongly considering any whoot so I gonna JUST DO IT.  

In spite of all of this, prayer still prevailed because, I have not become frustrated, inpatient, or upset.:)
Have a great Wednesday!!!


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