Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mini Mi

Happy New Year 
to every one.

  There hasn't been a post in a few weeks but rest assured that I've been sewing. I decided to start making some mini quilts as samples of my work and quilted wall art. Also, there is something bigger in the making. However, no viewing of that yet. is a look at one of the projects that I just finished.

This first block was my first of the 1st mini quilts

Block's #1 & #2

All 6 blocks and the top is sandwiched.

Lastly, is the backing.  I haven't decided on the binding fabric yet.

Stay tuned for the finished work. There is also a tutorial of a twin sized version of this pattern in the works.  

Thanks for stopping buy:).


  1. I just love the traditional blocks. This really looks nice. Thanks for sharing the photos.