Thursday, January 10, 2013


I am horrible about keeping a surprise a surprise, so here goes. The project that I am working on that I have not showed, is a gift for a friend. She is a huge Florida Gators fan so I'm making her a Gators quilt.
 Here are most of the prints and the block design.

  My problem is that, I am out of the grey denim fabric and everywhere I checked is out. It is needed for the backing. 
The plan was to make one big block of the designs on the top with the same background. This completely puts a hold on my plan to have the top, backing, and sandwiched done by this weekend.
Any advice would be appreciated, OR....... if anyone has some black denim type fabric that they would like to bless me with would be awesome as well.


  1. Try using a different coordinating color as a background for your other blocks -- black, white, a different shade of grey. It will add some nice interest to the top and solve your problem!

  2. You could use a different shade of grey if you can find one that's in the same family. You just have to be careful because I've seen some greys that are a bit more yellow based.