Friday, January 25, 2013

So On & So On

I have been meaning to post since Monday and now its Friday. First I wanted to talk about my goals for the year which started out like this: 

January is in full swing and will be soon approaching it's end(much sooner now), and I have yet to set goals. As I read through blogs, it seems that everyone has set their goals. There are always tons of things that I aspire to accomplish that inevitably sometimes prove overly ambitious.  Vision casting is a strength of mine, where as accurately strategizing the steps to get there is my weakness.  So as an attempt to improve in this area, this year will be full of short term goals. As it relates to my quilting projects, education, spiritual, parenting, etc. one month at a time is my motto.  So my only goal at this point for January is to finish the top, back, and sandwich for the Florida quilt and to get the backing and basting done for my friends vintage patch work

 Last Friday I called Fat Quaker Shop back and they had more of the fabric I needed in stock. So this weekend gonna getter done (get the top and backing finished that is).

The vintage patch work quilt is basted, pinned, and ready to quilt.

Unfortunately, my patch work cross is a disappearing cross because of trying to piece 
while finishing school and a headache.

Well this post is done, now back to schooling the boys

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