Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Post That Was Left Behind.

On one of our hot summer days around 5:30pm was the day the lights went out in Atlanta. At least in my neighborhood. No air condition, no fans, no lights, no nothing.  Even though it did not get dark until 9:30 it was still very dark in the house because of the rain and clouds.  Power did not return until around 9:45pm.

This year we have cut TV and video games to only on the weekends, so this was not a huge inconvenience. As a family we have been spending more time eating together as a family and talking more. So on this day that is exactly what we did and we had a ball. My husband and I attempted to show the boys how to play gin rummy. We laughed and joked about whatever came to mind and even did some impromptu singing.

When the lights did come back on, we had not missed anything.

Just a reminder that quality family time is supreme.

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  1. My parents taught my brother and me to play gin rummy when we were kids, and some of my very favorite memories with them are playing cards. I think it's a fabulous family activity :) My mom always has, and probably always will, beat the snot out of us every time we play.