Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekend Accomplishments

This turned out to be a very nice quilt. I used two layers of Natural Warmth batting which has added that weightiness that I love so much with my grandmothers quilts. 

It did not quite turn out to be a twin sized. Its lacking about 5"-6" all the way around.

I also had a few issues with my tension on my machine that was very noticeable before I washed it. I was going to show those on this post. My conclusion was that I was just not good at machine quilting large items and would hand quilt from now on.  However, after washing it and a low heat tumble dry, you could not tell it at all.

I also finally got the plus quilt pieced together. Now, just have to decide on a backing and binding fabrics.


  1. Great progress! I've never doubled up batt for a quilt before. I can't tell - did you do free motion or use a walking foot? And your plus quilt pic is very cool!

  2. I love your quilts. So glad that the tension issue disappeared when the quilt was washed.