Monday, October 10, 2011

Regroup and Start Again Tomorrow

     Today is Columbus Day and most schools were out today.  Things run differently at the Mitchell Home School Academy.  So today was a normal school day as usual and no I did not do anything special for Columbus Day. I wasn't trying to intentionally omit it from our learn process today. We were just having a difficult time getting through our regular assignments.  Also when dad is home on Mondays things are a little crazy for some reason.  As I sit and type I have a child crying because he doesn't want to read about koalas for a project of which he chose koalas.
     It can be really frustrating at time while trying to teach and find out how he's motivated and the best way that he learns.  We are apart of a homeschooling co-op where the parents teacher a few classes of our choosing.  For the animals class the kids (6-8) learning how to research and put together a project.  Things are not going so well for my child and I as I try to help him instead of doing the whole thing for him.  He's crying and I want to cry and just be done with the whole thing.  So tonight I am regrouping and going to give it a go again tomorrow with a different strategy.  That's the great thing about home schooling. We can move at our own pace with the room and time to regroup if we need to.

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