Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Venturing Blind

     Among the different quilt designs that I have come across, there is one that I have been dying to make with some scraps. I first saw this design on Quilt Dad's blog and I feel head over hills in love with it. However, that was before I started blogging and I did not save the picture.  So the photo below is the closes to the one I am currently trying to recreate.  

     I titled this post Venturing Blind because I have not found a pattern for it, however it appears simple enough.  I have always been a trail and error type of person.  More times than a few I have put the instructions to the side to try and figure whatever it was out for myself.  Sometimes it worked out well and other times, not so well.  However it is quickly becoming clear that trail and error can be a very expensive practice when it comes to fabric.

So with this particular design I began by making uneven strips from my scraps of the Super Hero quilt.

Then I proceeded to sew them together. Those of you who are pros at quilting or whom are familiar with this design are probably already shaking your head wondering, "why did you do that". I know I know!!  So now I have to take them apart.  Thank God its only five strips.

To proceed, I will cut matching widths of white fabric to go on both ends of the comic strips.   After the white strips are attached to both ends of the comic strips they all will be sewn together to make the completed quilt top.  Not sure how big it will be yet.  Stay tuned for the finished produce.  

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