Thursday, May 10, 2012

What A Great Day

     Today has been awesome and I'm just bubbling over with excitement of what this year holds for my family and I.
 My to do list for today reads as follows.
1. Devotion time
2. Make a bank deposit
3. register the boys for HS stuff
4. Clean (bathrooms, bedroom, kitchen, laundry)
5. Call Melody
6. Order Give Away day prizes
7. Post new blog and read and post on others.
8. work on quilt

I am proud to say that over half of my list is complete and there is still time left in the day to complete it.  On top of that. My husband received a call that he got the job that we have been waiting for. This means My quilting hobby can be financed and nurtured.  Also there may be a new baby in the works.  And last but not least.

I hope you did not for get about the post on African American History of Quilting I promised.  A very well known and established contributor to African American Art and Quilting has agreed to be a guest on The Quilting Diaries.  What she has to say on the subject will be far more intriguing than anything that I could put together.  I will not do any name dropping just yet until I am certain that this is going to happen and I can let you know when.

Oh, It looks as though I may be helping some ladies in my community with the promoting of a sewing/quilting guild in my community.

Today has been truly a Great Day
I hope yours has been too. 

Feel free to drop a line and share.


  1. So glad it was a great day. You got at least twice as many things crossed off your list as I did...but I'm still working on it!! :)

    1. I'm sure you'll get it done. If not that's okay too.

  2. wow...some great news there! i will stay tuned:)

  3. always great when you get the to do list done :) and looking forward to african american quilting history posts

    1. Thanks. I can not wait and I was excited about it before. But now that this great expert in my book is contributing, I am over the top excited and hope everyone enjoys it and learn something.

  4. This post is just full of exciting news. I am very happy for your good fortune, on several fronts. As you put together your posts on African American History of Quilting, think about publishing them in magazines or even as a book! There is not a lot out there on the subject and you could be filling a void in the market.

  5. Thanks for that tip. I will definitely keep that in mind.