Wednesday, May 9, 2012

W.I.P 5/9/12

Although today has been busy already and more business ahead, I am mentally focused and stress free. So first thing first.  I am still working on the Scrappy Comic Strip quilt for Josiah. I didn't get to work on it at all yesterday but am at it again today.  My plain was to be done with that and to be moving on to the next project. My work space is teeny tiny so I don't like to start on more that one project at a time.

I am working on making it very colorful and inspiring to compensate for the lack of space.

Here is the top half (not quilted) back of the scrappy comic strip quilt. This quilt is really an example of "working with what you've got".  With this one I am attempting to quilt straight lines.  Even though I reviewed Mama Love Quilts tips on quilting straight lines, I should have read them in more detail.  However, that is just one of my flaws.  To say the least, it isn't great at all but it will do as a throw quilt for Josiah.

As for another one of my mishaps, my bobbin thread and top thread was white (because it is all I had and I wasn't thinking) and the backing of the quilt is black. Even though I said that I would be transparent with my rookie mistakes, you will just have to use your imagination with how awful it looks. After I completely finish it I'll post it.

Her is my 12 in 2012 project list:
1. Super Hero Quilt 
2. Scrappy Comic Strip Quilt (work in progress)
3. Sparkle Quilt Mini (inspired by Jeni over at In Color Order)
4. Zig Zag Quilt
5. A Quilt (for the Lazarus Ministres Fundraiser)
6. Diamond Quilt Mini (inspired by Lindsey Sews)
7. Japanese Quilt from block #21 (Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match)
8.Japanese Quilt from block #25
9. Japanese Quilt from block #31
10. Japanese Quilt from block #41
11. Open for suggestions
12. Open for suggestions


  1. When you wash the quilt you will see that straight lines are very forgiving - hang in there. Also, I think that the white thread will be a great contrast on the black backing! Can't wait to see the completed quilt.

    1. Thanks for the advice and encouragement.

  2. One of the first quilts I made for my girls had a white top with colored squares and a dark turquoise backing. I didn't realize until I was partway through the quilting that the white thread I was using stuck out like a sore thumb on the back! It's funny, though, how you forget about the mistakes after a while and just remember the happy memories associated with your projects. I always think of that quilt fondly now since it's what I wrap one of my daughters in when I rock her to sleep at night.

  3. It is so good to know that someone who make things as beautiful as you do has been there too. You put a smile on my face right before bed.