Wednesday, October 10, 2012


 My first crack at hand quilting and I am not sure of my thoughts yet. Let me first say that I should have but did not look at any videos or seek any advice on the basic necessities of hand quilting. My needle is too big which causes me to make bigger stitches. This is not particularly a problem but for more detailed designs it will be. I am not using the thicker thread that I see on most quilts that have been hand quilted. Things are tight around here so I am a stickler for using what I have. The main reason I decided to hand quilt this quilt is because of its size and I am scared that I may hurt my machine. If I did, it would be out of operation for a while because of funds and we don't want that.  

The quilting pattern is nothing fancy. Just a simple stitch along the inside edges of each square.

 Secondly, I started on my first plus quilt. I have cut some of the fabric and have begun the layout.  I am using the fabric from the Cara Wilsons Bloggers Choice pic from Fat Quarter Shop.  

I decided to use some left over gray fabric to make a larger sized quilt. I could have made a baby quilt. At this point I tend to want to make things that me and my family will get some use out of, unless I am making it for someone else.

One day I am going to learn to stop starting things that I have never done before without a instructions.  However, that day was not today. The plus quilt was not my intent although on the list of projects that I wanted to do.  This fabric was chosen to be used for a hexagon quilt that I saw on From the Blue Chair.

My hexagon cuts were not quite hexagons. But rest assured that I will get it right.


  1. So good to have you back. Hand quilting takes practice. Don't give up.

    1. Its feels good to be backing. This is my thing that I do for me. I have a hard time getting myself to take me time. Thanks for the encouragement.