Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Waiting on Him

It is Advent Season again and I enjoy it more and more every year. Even though Christ has already been born into this world and has had a tremendous impact, to await his birth may seem pointless. Yet, there is more to come. It is His continual showing of Himself in us individually and corporately that we await.  At His arrival things happen and change. There is more to be done in us and through us.  

This Saturday some ladies and myself from The Advent(then name of our church) are going to a monetary for some time of reflection and prayer. Even though I am sure to fall asleep at least once in the silence, a great time is expected. 

So the tree is our Jessie Tree and we are on day 4 of walking through the Old Testament leading up to the birth of Christ. Every day the kids and I make the ornament for the day.  After dinner, daddy  reads the scriptures before dressing the tree with it.  You can see the apple from Adam & Eve and the Ark. I just wanted to share a snid bit of what was going on beside quilting. 

My faith is the main layer of this life of mine. How dare, I keep it to myself. 


  1. Love that you celebrate Advent so deliberately. Blessings on Saturday....

  2. Shankevia, this was such a beautiful post. We see advent the same way in our home. My mom bought a special magnetic advent calendar (with all the Bible story characters and elements to add to the scene each day) and a book of devotions which my parents have been doing with my girls every night. It's been such a blessing, and I'm so glad that my daughters know what this special season is really about!