Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tradgety Strikes

      You know that feeling you have when you come up with something great?  Something that you just know that the person to receive it, will absolutely love? From the initial idea, the picking of the fabric, the cutting and re-piecing, to the last of the binding. When its done, you are amazed at how much more beautiful the finished work is than the picture in your head. Well, that is not my story today.

      At around 12:45 am I closed the binding on the Gator's quilt and put it in the wash. After showering and getting into bed, I remembered that the machine was not set on gental cycle. Because it wasn't the first time that I had made this mistake and everything was fine, I turned over and went to sleep.  This morning, I rose with the excitement of pulling it out of the washer and my heart sanked into my chest.



The quilt had ripped at the seems in not one, not two or three, but several places.  I was shocked at the emotions that were stirring in response to this quilt. Someone please tell me that I am not the only one that this has happened to.:(


  1. Oh no! I am heart broken for you. This has never happened to me and I can't imagine how you can repair this. I hope you think of some kind of solution.

  2. oh no! I am so sorry! Soooo frustrating! Can you unpick those sections and hand stitch new ones in? oh dear...

  3. Oh, Shan, I'm so sorry. I agree with Debbie -- is there some way to remove/repair/replace the ripped parts?

  4. How heart breaking for you.