Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Budget or No Budget


This post is a question for all you fabric lovers. I am quite sure that for the group of quilters, sewers, etc whom profit from your quilting/sewing have a budget. However, for those who sew and quilt for the fun and love of it(not that profiteers don't enjoy it) do you have a budget for buy fabric and other supplies. I always want to by new fabrics but never seem to have the money at the time. But when the money is available, there are newer fabric that I want on top of the old fabric.  At that point, I am just overwhelmed.  So I want to know how those of you like me that maybe a one income family with kids, shop for fabric.  I have wanted to do a monthly stash building club but that isn't practical right now, nor is buying by project.  

Tell me what you do.


  1. I feel your pain and anguish! Sometimes I break down and buy a small fat quarter bundle or charm square pack when I really really love a fabric line. It takes a long time to build a stash. What I've been doing lately is going to Beverlys.com and checking out their deal of the day. Every day they offer three fabrics for 2.97 a yard. Some are really nice. Good luck!

  2. I can't afford to buy big bundles of fabric, so I just sort of pick and choose pieces I like as I go along. I buy a lot of charm packs -- you'd be surprised what you can do with those little squares. Everyone in my family also knows that a fabric gift certificate to one of my favorite online shops is the best gift for me, so that helps a lot too!

  3. I buy 2 or three fat quarters from BigW when I shop. They also have 1.5meter lenghts. They are great for scrappy quilts. I also keep my eye out for 100% cotton Flanelette sheets for sale they make great backing. I got a new queen set for $19 instead of paying $22.00 per meter for fabric. If you choose sheets that match the front of the quilt you can use the pillow cases with your quilt. I also make Waggas from recycled denim, flannel shirts and sheets from the op shops. Another option is 100% curtan material, it is wider and costs less per metre. Cheers Pauline

  4. I have a Joann's fabric where I'll buy my staple pieces with the 40% or 50% off coupons. I'll grab yardage of Kona solids and batting for not much at all. I also pay attention to Twitter and when an online fabric stores give discounts I'll buy then, too. I just got two Riley Blake fat quarter bundles (about 20 pieces in each) for $80. That will get me through a ton of projects. I usually wait for sales unless it's a line that I have to have (Rashida Coleman-Hale's Tsuru was a must have!)

    I don't have a set budget, but I may spend $200 on fabric one month but not spend anything else for two or three months.

    As an aside, I have a low-interest credit card that I only use to buy fabric. I manage my spending that way, since I only can use up to 30% of the balance (or credit issues happen!)

    Hope this helps!

  5. well that's very hard. what I try to do is save all my change and dump it into a container of some sort. don't touch it. maybe set up a time frame for yourself. I use mine once a year for the Paducah trip. but you could check it every couple of months. good luch