Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Out of sight, Not out of mind!!

It has been way to long and OH how I have missed you blogs of joy and inspiration. So to update you all on whats been happening with me. 

  We are pregnant with little Cecilia Renae. Although we have been very grateful for her incubation, it has been a very rough and tough journey that still has some weeks to go.  Just to give a little insight into how its been, I've lost 30lbs and because of another issue will it was suggested that we deliver at 37wks.
I am striving for a VBAC after 2ceserean sections and an induction would greatly increase my chances of another C-section that I do not want. So we have decided to wait it out until at least 39weeks and today marks 36wks 5days.

Also, the decision was made that if we were to have a girl, I would either get locks or cut off my hair.  Doing hair is not something I desire to spend my time doing. Let me tell you, my hair is very thick and course. To add another little girl that may have the same textured hair meant that one of us, if not both would look an awful hot mess most days.  So off with the hair we went. Don't have a full head shot of the new do but both sides and the back are gone.
Now to quilting.  I have not sewn in a very long time.  However, something must be made for Cecilia's arrival. A quick patchwork quilt and a scrappy granny square quilt is what I have in mind.  
Stay Tuned!!!:)

Oh! We are also looking to buy a house because we are completely out of space.


  1. oh wow how exciting for your family! So sorry it has been a rough go, and wishing you the best in these remaining weeks!

  2. SO happy for you! Praying that it all goes well!